Origins of pencil note

It’s about a month now since we fired up pencil note. The site has received a few ‘Where did you spring from?’ emails, so I thought it appropriate to give a bit of background. 

Over the 2012 New Year, a few like minded friends kicked around the idea of jointly contributing to some sort of web space. We are loosely based in the UK but travel internationally through work. A couple of us have tried before, unsuccessfully, to maintain a blog individually, and a couple of us occasionally contribute to other blogs and publications through our professional commitments but we wanted more freedom to express our personal views.  

We had a joint desire to share our thoughts and opinions somehow but always found constraints of time and managing professional conflicts prevented getting the necessary traction & momentum. (A few of us work at, what I guess many people would call, senior levels within our industries)  

Our principles are to remain clear and simple with posts addressing the things we naturally debate and discuss when we are together at the dinner table. We don’t intend to be prolific, hopefully, just occasionally relevant.

Our ground rules are; don’t be mean about people, be honest, don’t nick stuff off others without proper attribution & only contribute when you have something interesting or insightful to say.

We agreed pencil note as a bit of a new years resolution, it fell to me to set it up and administer it, which I did by the end of January. I looked at Blogger and Word Press but went with Tumblr to get us going, as it seems the easiest to use and the more visually elegant & simple.

Since then we have put a few thoughts down as a bit of a warm up.

It is surprising that these have already attracted a bit of feedback. Thanks for this, it’s welcome including the criticism. Write(at) is the address, if you have something important to get off your chest.

We have deliberately avoided publicity or using the usual web tricks to get noticed. If you think pencil note is interesting tell others, if not, well there are many other blogs out there.

Contribution to pencil note is by invitation only. 

We have no interest in trying to monetise pencil note. It’s a hobby.

We hope you find it an interesting, provoking & stimulating hobby.